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Adventure Movie Props and Locations
Community Effort Animal Rescue - Pearblossom Motel - Creekside Animal Rescue
LIttlerock Pet Clinic - Bens Corner - Tehachapi House - Ventura House
White House - Kennedy Meadows - and More . . .

Let the California Adventure Begin


Community Effort
Animal Rescue

Pearblossom Motel

The perfect location for a movie shoot

Creekside Animal Rescue

Part of the Community Effort Animal Rescue Network
Pearblossom Hwy
LIttlerock, California

Littlerock Pet Clinic
8821 Pearblossom Hwy
Littlerock, CA 93543
(currently for lease as a veterinarian clinic)

Ben's Corner

Butcher Shop / Recycling Center
Car Dealership / Real Estate

Rustin McNader Properties
Southern California

Tehachapi House
A beautiful hillside ranch house
in the Tehachapi Mountains
west of Tehachapi, north of the 202

Ventura House
A spectacular California beach house
on the waterfront in Ventura, California

White House
Sprawling mansion atop the Antelope Valley
30 acres overlooking a scenic valley
multi-levels of tree framed plateaus,
wandering romantic trails and stone paths
multiple horse corrals, barns, and animal areas
multiple driveways, vineyards, orchards, and buildings

Kennedy Meadows

A Spectacular Mountain Retreat
in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA

More Locations Coming Soon

Watch for the GRAND OPENING of

Ventura Treasures

Antiques, Collectibles, and Unique Gifts
Located in Lancaster, California

Also . . . coming someday to Littlerock, California . . .


7193 PearBlossom Hwy, Littlerock, CA
at Creekside Animal Rescue

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